Barry Brehaut
“I consider it a privilege
to represent our
island community.”

An Introduction

I was first elected in 2004 and over the past 16 years I have held numerous positions within the island's Government. I've chaired the Island Scrutiny Committee, I was the Deputy Minister of the Health and Social Services Department, Deputy Minister of the Environment Department and I'm currently the President of the Committee for the Environment and Infrastructure. My diary is full and my workload is varied, for example I am a member of the Civil Contingencies Authority, the Brexit Future Partnership Group, the Covid Recovery Advisory Group and the Commercial Port Investigation Board.

I consider it a privilege to represent our island community.

I'm married to Olwen who is the Ward Manager at the PEH and we have two children Etienne 19 and Verity 16. I am immensely proud that over recent months both of my children have sought to work part time in care settings, assisting older members of the community during these unsettling times.

Each political term presents challenges that at times appear insurmountable, this term has been exceptional in that regard, the Covid-19 pandemic required a swift, coordinated response. Government had to act as one cohesive unit, it did! As a member of the Civil Contingencies Authority I have witnessed what we can achieve when a group remains disciplined on task and focussed. We are so lucky to live on Guernsey which has been a sanctuary - a safe haven at this time. The community, you, have collectively created the conditions to allow us all to enjoy freedoms that are denied to other jurisdictions at this time.

So, what's next? Well business as usual hasn't gone away, we have to continue to deal with climate change, the islands economy, Brexit, support for older members of the community, education for our youngest and housing for all. There is a great deal yet to do.

I very much hope you feel able to support me in being one of your island wide representatives.

Yours independently.

Barry Brehaut

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To remain focussed on the threats and opportunities that arise from Brexit, and redouble our efforts in ensuring positive external relations.

To remain committed to delivering the aspirations of the Climate Change Mitigation Plan and actively promote The Plan for Nature.

To invest in the island’s infrastructure, coastal and sea defences, setting ambitious targets & utilising the skills of local contractors.

To maintain momentum on the Housing Strategy, Key Worker Housing, Elderly Tenures, Affordable and Emergency Housing.

To ensure all polices & legislation reflect the ever-changing nature of society, no one should ever feel isolated or excluded for just being the person they are.